Your one stop solution for:
  • Protection against malware
  • Site uptime status report
  • Backup your entire site
  • Applying updates for Wordpress/Joomla


  • Web Malware Detection
    Scans your website at regular intervals to determine if hackers have injected malicious code on your site.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    Our set of tools automatically monitors your site uptime if the site goes down or become unavailable an immediate
  • Backup
    We take backup of the entire site once a month. The backup includes all database and the source code.

Risks of a site getting hacked:

  • Google & other Search Engines will blacklist your site and all major browsers will block your site from opening in the browser.
  • Sales will drop to 0 as visitors won't be able to open your site.
  • Traffic to your site will be reduced to 0. Your site's SEO rank will fall.
  • Web Hosting company hosting your site will disable your account as hacked site break their Terms & Conditions. Loss of Google Adword revenue Agree to Terms & Conditions.
  • Loss of Google Adword revenue.

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