How to Keep your wordpress site secure

  • Wordpress is a very popular CMS, which makes 50% of all websites. Because of its success, hackers try to hack Wordpress, because they can damage a large number of websites at once.
  • Many think that the code that Wordpress uses is not strong, but it is not true. Any software is susceptible to hacking, and Wordpress is one of them. Hackers target Wordpress so that they can do maximum damage.
  • Wordpress is close to 10 years old and 1000 man years have been spent in its development. It has a strong community of developers. Below you can find some basic tips on how to protect your Wordpress site.
Steps to secure your wordpress site
  • First and most important - always keep a full backup of Wordpress files and database.
  • Take regular backups of your Wordpress files and database.
  • Keep your Wordpress updated with the latest version.
  • Change the database prefix, don’t use the default wp_
  • Install wordpress security plug-in. The one I recommend is
  • Don't Use "admin" as your username (and Pick Strong Passwords)
  • Protect the access to your Wordpress admin - the plug-in mentioned in #4 above can help you with this.
  • Change your control panel, FTP, and Wordpress admin password on regular basis.
  • You can use this .htaccess firewall to keep your wordpress site safe,
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