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OmkarSoft.com is one of the leader in wordpress development. Having spent more than 10,000 hrs in wordpress programming we know in & out of wordpress development.

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS on earth and powers a whopping 100 million sites. WordPress is used as CMS of choice for Govt, Fortune 500 companies, military, Bank, Insurance companies and obviously small businesses and bloggers.

You can see how many times wordpress 3.8 is downloaded from here:



Reasons why wordpress is so popular:

a) It is a very simple and powerful CMS. Can be customized to implement any functionality

b) Plugins ⇒ Install a plugin to add any extra feature to your wordpress site. 1000s of Free plugins are available which can convert wordpress to E-commerce site to CRM software to Learning Management Software. There are many commercial plugins as well.

c) Themes ⇒ Simply install a new theme and you can give a new look & functionality to your wordpress site. Whatever be your requirement you will surely find a theme for your site. There are 1000s of free themes available also there are many companies which sell premium themes at low cost. www.themeforest.com is one of the best site for themes.
d) WordPress = 50% of Websites, yes that is a very close statement.

e) Anyone without any knowledge of Php/HTML can manage a wordpress site. You can login to the backend and manage your site using just mouse clicks.

f) 100% open-source + Strong Development community ⇒ WordPress has a very strong and active development community you can be assured whatever your doubts are can be answered by the community.

g) SEO Friendly ⇒ WordPress sites are SEO friendly.

e) Top list of companies using wordpress


http://www.gsu.edu/  ⇒ Georgia State University

http://news.umanitoba.ca/ ⇒ University of Manitoba Today

 Technology Companies

www.techcrunch.com  ⇒ TechCrunch


 ⇒ CNN

http://gigaom.com/ ⇒ GigaOM

 Fortune 500 Companies

http://www.gereports.com/ ⇒ General Electronic (GE)

http://blog.ebay.com/ ⇒ eBay

http://blog.ups.com/  ⇒ upside, the UPS blog

http://stores.bestbuy.com/577/    ⇒ Best Buy

http://blogs.wsj.com/law/ ⇒ The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

http://social.ford.com/ ⇒ Ford Motor Company


http://blogs.loc.gov/loc/  ⇒ Library of congress

 What OmkarSoft.com can do in wordpress

a) Site or theme development in wordpress. We ensure all the themes are mobile compatible and Responsive.

b) Plugin development ⇒ Plugin extend the functionality of wordpress and they require more coding skills to develop. OmkarSoft has developed many wordpress plugins and we can customize any wordpress plugin.

c) WordPress site maintenance and hardening of sites. We also help in removing malware. OmkarSoft has developed a software called TotalWebSecurity which can keep the sites safe and secure.

 Why OmkarSoft is your best choice for your WordPress Development

1) A strong team of 15 engineers dedicated to wordpress development. We have spent more than 10,000 hrs in wordpress development.

2) We have developed wordpress sites for almost all verticals.

3) The sites which we develop are fast loading, SEO friendly and Mobile Friendly.

4) Strong after sales support, once we develop sites, we can maintain them at very low cost so that you are free for site maintenance headache.

5) We follow the best practices of wordpress coding and never hack for break the core files as done by other companies. This ensures you can easily upgrade wordpress and your site is safer.

 List of Good sites for wordpress


To keep your site safe, they also provide backup and upgrade and uptime monitoring services.


You can find theme to give any look n feel to your site.


Your one-stop wordpress development partner

 WordPress & OmkarSoft

Years in developing for WordPress

We started developing in wordpress in 2009 and since then we use wordpress as our CMS of choice for most of Web Development

WordPress experience

wordpress site development, wordpress plugin development, psd 2 wordpress, wordpress maintenance

Team Size

There is an average of 10 engineers always working on wordpress

Total Man hours in wordpress

0.5 million man hours


Some Reviews we got for our wordpress work

 1) Given by Sean Moore for this site, http://www.kaurprogression.com/

This payment was completed at the beginning of the project and a mock up was submitted for my review within 24 hours. We had one communication delay as one of the project managers went on vacation, but they quickly turned it around and we never had an issue again. I am not a technical person, but t

Their skill level seems to be pretty good from their previous work and my site. I would definitely work with them again

2) Given by Raquel Bonassisa  for WordPress Plugin Development for this site, http://www.bannerloft.com/order-now/

No other programmers have lived up to my standards of work other than Omkarsoft. I will only work with them. They are professional and 100% experienced in getting the job done the right way. I know because I have been working with many programmers. If you want the job done correctly then hire these guys. The Best. Silicon Valley of India!

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