Web Security

Website security is an elementary concern of website owners across the globe. It does not matter which framework, it built, the website need to protected from Hackers.Hackers can attack website to obtain sensitive data and use the server for sending ill treat mail which in turn makes the business owner to face the problem.

Six simple steps Ensure Website Security

Keep the Software and Frameworks updated:

Software development companies usually fix security bugs and updates the framework and software to prevent hackers. Normally hackers use security holes in a website to execute mischievous activities. Updating of software prevent accessibility of the website from hackers.

Use strong and impossible-to-guess passwords:

Business owners are always recommended to use strong passwords by making use of capital letters, numbers and special character in password  makes  impossible for hackers to guess.

Always filter HTML and JavaScript:

The Cross Site Scripting is frequently used technique for intrusion. Intruders can implant a JavaScript or scripting code to run malicious code. To ensure security, submitted data need to be checked and unnecessary HTML tags should be removed.

Display error messages carefully:

When the hackers insert false login details, an error message must be displayed on your website. Display error messages like “username is incorrect” and “password is incorrect” should be avoided because hackers will come to know which part of the job went wrong. A simple message such as either password or username is incorrect will increase the security level of the website.

Use both server-side and client-side validation:

To prevent any malicious data from being inserted, JavaScript can be used for validation both client-side and server-side validation and validate the data on the server to avoid unwanted outcomes in the website.

Scan the uploaded files:

The file upload facility permits users to upload images.Hackers can also upload infected files to run malicious code to prevent these attacks the file extension should be always checked.

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