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Today, the website development professionals have understood the importance of developing an outstanding website. That is reasons that helped Joomla to emerge as a powerful CMS across the sphere. Joomla permits the professionals to develop websites very effectively. Joomla is a popular open source content management system that enables you to build sites easily. The extensibility and ease to use are the two major benefits that make Joomla a preferred choice for website owners. Since Joomla is employed worldwide and has several contributors and volunteers related to it, you may often see new Joomla website design trends rising every year. Some of the most popular Joomla Web Development trends in 2017 are listed below.

Top 5 Joomla Web Development Trends


HTML5 is the latest evolution of the well-known hypertext markup language. With folks accessing content and data through their smart devices, this is a specific upgrade of HTML. HTML5 is predicted to be the core technology for structuring and presenting data on the internet. HTML5 is meant to deal with offering data regarding content and semantic markup that is meant to fulfill all the modern needs and necessities of the user.

Responsive Layout

As we mentioned before the border between mobile devices and desktop is quickly fading away, the importance of getting a responsive layout becomes nearly necessary for each website. According to a recent survey, around sixty-two of consumers won’t recommend a brand that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website. In 2017, a lot of web pages will be optimised primarily for mobile usage, creating it easier for shoppers to access information.

Flat Design

The popularity of minimalist yet eye-catching formats that promote stylistic elements are attending to be one amongst the highest trends this year. These styles, known as Flat Layouts, refer to an internet layout style that provides smooth and striking developments that are a lot of interesting in look than general sites. New style trends come back and go, however flat style has perpetually been here.

Typography art

A wide range of latest and prime quality fonts are introduced by the contributors and volunteers of Joomla. These fonts are offered at affordable rates which permit small businesses to catch up to the most recent trends. Fonts play a vital role in gaining the eye of the web users. With an increased emphasis on content, rich typography can continue to be a dominating style element into 2017.


The websites created with Joomla appear to use less text. Rather than information in a paragraph or in a block of text, the main focus is to create, visual storytelling. Text combined with videos, photos and interactive practicality is integrated to tell a story that will hold the eye of users. Whereas imagery like icons, data graphics, and large images, are used to communicate vital data.

These are the some of the most impressive Joomla website designing and development trends that build a popular website. Therefore if you’re willing to create your Joomla website, then rent the reputed Joomla development services from Joomla website development company and reach the important targets of your business.

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