MongoDB Development

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is the relatively new player in the data storage circle under the NoSQL banner. It is free and open source database that uses a document-oriented data model. Instead of using rows and tables, MongoDB is built on an architecture of documents and collection. Documents include sets of key-value pairs and these are the basic units of data in MongoDB.

Why should we use MongoDB?

Organizations are adopting MongoDB because it empowers to build applications faster, manages applications more efficiently at scale and also helps to handle highly diverse data types. MongoDB document switches easily to object-oriented programming languages, hence efficiently removes complex object-relational mapping layer that converts objects in code to relational tables.

Key Area where MongoDB can be Utilized

  • Data hub
  • Big and complex data
  • User data management
  • Mobile and social infrastructure
  • Content management and delivery

Distinctive Features of MongoDB

These are some important features of MongoDB:

  • Provides high performance.
  • Easy to administer in the case of failures.
  • Easy to use and also supports regular expression searches.
  • MongoDB supports Master-Slave replication and it can index any field in a document.
  • MongoDB can run over multiple servers and It also as automatic load balancing configuration

Top 3 Advantages of MongoDB over Mysql

Storage volumes

The relational database stores the structured data like a phonebook. But there is the tremendous increase of the unstructured data, hence MongoDB sets no limits. It allows the individual to add various types of data as per the needs change. MongoDB is document and flexible based, it allows to store JSON-like binary data points in one place.

Cloud computing

Cloud-based storage is an outstanding cost-saving solution. But it requires data to be smoothly spread across various servers to scale up. One of the main advantages of MongoDB over Mysql is it can load a high volume of data. MongoDB also provides immense availability and flexibility in a cloud-based environment. Built-in sharing solutions help in an easy partition and spread out data across multiple servers.


MongoDB is a designed for huge query and data storage. Its performance is mainly based on two key value that is design and scale out. MongoDB uses the document as the basic storage unit. In the relational model, the data will be stored in an individual table. In document model, they are saved as one document and its performance is much faster compared to relational query.

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