Top Logo Design Trends

A logo is a little image or design utilized in business marketing and it’s the sometimes one amongst the primary visual symbols a company develops in the early stages of planning. A good logo differentiates your business from your competition and creates a good initial impression that’s reinforced over time. Every year a new logo designing Trends keep evolving and therefore the logo designers have to keep plenty of things within the head while designing a logo because it must leave a lasting impression on the client. Here are a number of the current inspiring logo design trends for 2017, that is not new or revolutionary in any way, however, they’re geared to create the most impact at the time.

Top 5 inspiring Logo Designing Trends


Minimalism is predicted to retain popularity this year with simplicity and can extend into the longer term too with the minimal colors and effects. Minimalism is about removing inessential details and leaving solely the necessities. With straightforward forms, borderline colors and effects, and a smart focus, minimalism permits you to form a singular emblem and use it across numerous backgrounds and platforms. Recently lots of big brands are following this ideology and rebranding their logos to appear clean and uncluttered.

Overlapping Gradients

Overlapping gradients with easy geometric forms have resulted in distinctive kinds of logos. Overlapping was largely used with animal-related logos, however now it has crossed over and become familiar with the world’s leading corporations. Logo Designers use gradient overlaps to bring out superb color mixtures. Gradients add vibrancy and overlap-add that eye-pleasing feel to a brand style. For instance, MasterCard’s latest brand plan is an excellent example.

Black & White Logos

Any trend may depart of fashion, however, a black and white logo design can forever stay in fashion. As the name of the trend suggests, some firms like to use black and white colors for his or her logos. These logos can be used anywhere and can slot in with any style in completely different scenarios. The black and white trend is been appreciated wide by firms worldwide. ADIDAS and Nike, 2 biggest giants of the sports business following in the footsteps.

Negative space

The full potential of negative space has yet to be unbolted. The style is what you see. However, once design starts to speak to you, you instantly perceive the message. To face out from the crowd, your brand should be over meets the attention. It’s not very simple and takes an extremely proficient brand designer to carve negative space in a brand.

Letter Stacking

When the text is long, brand designers use this sensible technique to place everything together. Rearranging the alphabets by stacking them higher than each other adds an excellent look and feel to a brand style. By “hiding” bound parts of letters, the designers leave simply enough so anybody will read the word. Logos that use lettering look far more refined than others although it is not innovative as others.

The logo is a creative symbol for your business. Hence, the logo design has taken its own importance in the method of website design and development although your organization is tiny or giant. If you want a logo for your business then rent the reputed logo designing services from logo designing company in Bangalore which enriches the brand awareness.

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