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What is Information Architecture?

Information Architecture is the science and art of labeling and organizing websites to support usability. It also refers to the way information can be organized on a website, mobile application, software, or other product. With an Information Architecture, helps to see the complete product all at once, with functionality represented with directional arrows and hierarchical levels.

Elements of IA include

  • Search systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Labeling systems and tags
  • Organization schemes or structures

The nature of its resulting UX and quality of software product depends immensely on the soundness of Information Architecture. Here are the top 3 reasons which incredibly suggest creating an Information Architecture for a product.

Top Benefits of Information Architecture

Better Project Scope

An Information Architecture acts as a blueprint to map interaction patterns and paths. The customized IA design, provide better clarity for the project. A better understanding of the project scope enables a developer to provide more accurate estimates to project managers, product owners, clients. One of the best advantages of Information Architecture it shows how deep the UX is and how many decision layers and hierarchical levels there are in the product. This gives a complete idea about of how clicks or many screens it takes to complete a task.

Correct Content Gaps

IA is all about organizing content in a logical way and the process immensely requires a developer to consider what content might be lacking and what content fits where. A Customized Information Architecture identifies areas of content groupings, decision-congestion, intuitive control, unused areas, recursive paths or duplication. It will also separate the necessary content from the superfluous, especially for an existing site with lots of content.

Complete view of Product Inside & Out

IA is a foundation for any website and it comes fully-loaded with marketing automation features. IA principles should be completely carried on marketing initiatives like blogs and landing pages. IA process can also help in-house marketers, content owners and stakeholders to immensely grasp the basics and understand the website functionality. An Information Architecture acts as a blueprint to map interaction paths. Choosing an Information Architecture service for any website absolutely makes sense.

An Information Architecture is a great way to see the big picture. The big picture view provides great help to manage and executive produced in the future. There are numerous benefits of choosing a best Information Architecture service. Opting for a best Information Architecture service provides greater influence of the quality of the software product.

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