Ionic App Development

Ionic framework is open-source SDK targeted at building hybrid mobile app development. The Ionic was created by Max Lynch, Adam Bradley, Ben Sperry and was released in late November 2013. Built on top of the popular AngularJS and Apache Cordova, ionic framework apps provides amazing services and tools for developing native-styled hybrid mobile app. Apps can be built on most famous web technologies like CSS, HTML5, Sass and then distributed over native app stores.

The main target of the ionic framework development is building a hybrid mobile app. Hybrid apps have numerous benefits over native apps, specifically in terms of speed of development. Essentially, ionic app development facilitates native mobile components to have an enchanting design and smooth animations.

Advantage of Ionic Mobile App Development

Ionic framework offers several advantage to mobile app development and some of them have been explained below

Free Open Source Framework

Ionic framework is completely free and open source framework. Ionic framework apps provides the functionalities of platform-specific optimized CSS to match the native look various mobile operating systems. One of the main advantages of Ionic framework is, it provides codes of mobile-optimized CSS, HTML and JS components and shortens the need of code rewriting.

Appealing Default UI

The ionic framework apps comes with a lot of default CSS components and JavaScript components that cover most of the elementary things you would want to create into a mobile application. Some of things include the Sliding Menu, Form Inputs, Buttons, Lists, Navigation, Tabs, Sliding Boxes and Popups and prompts. The default styles are highly clean and simple and developer can customize them by simply adding user pre-defined CSS classes to the element.

Cross Mobile App Development

Development of the efficient, compatible and customized app plays an important role in app development. Ionic integrates into AngularJS which improves the structure that code, which in turn increase the compatibility with mobile platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Ionic helps in developing apps quickly with an efficiency which increases the popularity of the app and helps to save time and money.

Built On Angular

Ionic increases the features, benefits of Angular and reduces the effort in creating mobile applications with Angular. Today, AngularJS is the most favorite JavaScript framework and ionic supports easy integration into AngularJs making the code structure more manageable and cost effective

In current trend Ionic Framework is the HTML5 mobile advancement system and is growing at an incredible rate. These are, some of the important features of the Ionic empower the Startup entrepreneurs to build a business app ionic framework at lesser budget.

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