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Technology changes constantly. Web development is a dynamic zone where layering and reshaping should be done constantly as per the new trends and latest tech advancements in the industry. Websites in 2017 year promise to be an impressive bunch. In recent years, the web is getting rooted in our daily lives. We use website for everything, from banking to shopping. The demand for web development talent is as high scope as ever that, web weaves its way to areas of our life.

Top 5 Web Development technologies 2017    

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Whenever we speak about the future trends of web development technologies, artificial intelligence is always an agenda. The most important media speak of 2017, Artificial intelligence is securely, making its way into the web development. Some of the top tech companies, such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft have been releasing their AI technology. Artificial intelligence is already used by large applications, either to improve search engines, Wikipedia’s case to identify inaccurate articles etc.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is being one of the steaming topics of discussion in web development technologies 2017. So, What is a VR effect work in web development or design?. With the help of VR, the designers can root for advanced immersive 3D effect reality on the websites to create a more impressive and engaging experience for the visitors. The Oculus Vive and Rift are most likely to bring new and amazing possibilities to the world of gaming, but it won’t stop there.

Rails 5

This is another important trend in web development is Rails 5. The latest version of Rails is Rails 5, was released 2016 and it came with some interesting additions that excites web developers. Developers can easily create applications in Rails 5 and can link them up to their native frameworks or JavaScript. Seeing Rails 5 is still young, but its popularity is ready to grow as it matures in 2017.

Angular 2 seems promising

Angular 2 also had its release last year with it came a lot of changes. As per the leading developers, Angular 2 is going to be a huge success. Another great feature of Angular 2 is, it has been mobile-optimized from scratch and Google’s front-end JavaScript framework has been completely redesigned.

Hopes on static site generators

Static website generators create websites from plain text, usually stored in files and not in databases. It is always blessed with wonderful advantages like security, deployment ease, enhanced speed, etc. As Content Delivery Networks and APIs become make easier for content and templates to be deployed, many contemporary developers have high hopes on static site generators this year.

The web is an interesting place, where the information is always changing and 2017 is likely to bring some very interesting developments in web technologies. Omkarsoft is one of the well known web development company in Bangalore and we have a team of skilled web developers endeavor to increase the business growth and pathways of your any powerful applications.

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