AngularJs Development

In the current trend of e-commerce, every organization is eager to make an online impact. According to a recent survey, there are more than 1 billion websites in the world until 2014. The count is increasing and it is created a huge demand for web developers. There are numerous platforms available for web development in the market. To choose the right amongst the available is the smartest decision in web development.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open source web application structural framework for dynamic web apps. It was originally developed by Adam Abrons and Misko Heveryn in 2009 . An AngularJS application framework which revolves around HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (Java Script).

Top 5 Advantages of AngularJS

A Complete extensive Solution

Angular frameworks implement MVC to split the app into MVC components and also serves as the pipeline that connects them. Like other framework, it does not require an additional code written to string them together. Angular uses HTML to define the app’s user interface and the HTML is also less delicate to reorganize compared to interface written in JavaScript. When the code is written in HTML, it is less likely to break and bring in many more UI developers.

Rapid Development

To overcome the limitations posed by HTML in developing dynamic web applications AngularJS was designed in 2009. One of the main advantages of AngularJS is it is extremely easy to build, free to use and comes complete API documentation. Data models are the guard of data and are responsible for data persistence. Plain old JavaScript objects In Angular allows to add and change properties directly on the loop. Hence the AngularJS code to look much cleaner and more intuitive.

Easily Integrated into Existing Code

One of the important advantages of AngularJs JavaScript framework is, while developing web based projects the code required is relatively less compared to other frameworks. The main advantage of AngularJS in web development is it does not require an additional MVC code. And also, it integrates efficiently with existing code and processes and can easily communicate between cross platform methods and applications.

Context aware communication

The PubSub system in Angular is a pretty common tool that will help to communicate between children and ancestors controllers. Most PubSub implementations on the web are not context aware that are readable only by the children of a particular node, or ancestors of a particular child. But The PubSub system in Angular allows to send a message to all children and ancestors controller.

Unit testing ready

Angular overtakes  the traditional way of testing web apps by creating single test pages and testing the each individual pages and to detect if it works or not. The entire Angular is connected together by Dependency Injection. DI basically deal with controllers and extensions and controllers depend on DI to pass it information. Thus Angular’s unit tests are able to usurp DI to perform unit testing by injecting mock data into controller and measuring the output and behavior makes unit testing simpler and efficient.

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