React js is an open-source JavaScript library used for building composable user interfaces. React js processes only user interface in applications. React js allows developers to create fast, simple and scalable web applications that use changeable data, without reloading the page. It promotes the creation of renewable UI components which present data that changes over time.

Advantages of using React js web development

  • Easy to know how a component is rendered, developers can just look at the render function.
  • The developer can render React js on the server-side.
  • React is is an easy test and also integrate tools like a jest.
  • React j’s ensures maintainability and readability and easier.
  • React js as one a view layer and a developer can use it with any framework like Angular. j’s, Backbone. j’s, etc.

Here are 5 major reasons to react js web development

The JavaScript Library

JSX is a preprocessor step that computes XML syntax to JavaScript. React js can be also used without JSX. But React js with JSX is a lot more effective. The JSX amazing combination of JavaScript and HTML. React JSX reduces the entire process of writing components for the websites. The HTML aspect of rest gas allows developers to deliver functions without concatenating strings. One of the major advantages of react js web development is that it makes proper use of native APIs.

SEO friendly

One of the important challenges faced by many JavaScript frameworks is there are not search engine friendly. The recent year there is some tremendous improvement in this area. One of the most amazing parts of react js is that it stands out of this category. React js can be run on the server and DOM will be accomplished and returned to the browser as a normal web page.

Focused on User interface

React Native tremendously increases the application’s load time and supports smooth running without any interruptions. React js is more focused on user interface and supports the user for  high responsive interface unlike AngularJS Meteor JS and Firebase.

Extremely Efficient

React js creates its own DOM (virtual) where components live. This amazing approach gives a developer high affability and incredible performance gains. Because react js calculates required change in DOM in advance and updates the DOM-trees accordingly.

Easy to test

It makes debugging application much easier. After you install the extension, it helps to have a direct look into the virtual DOM. The virtual DOM system is enforced entirely in React JS and it immensely easy to write UI test cases.

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