AngularJS Plugin Development

AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks for web developers, which helps to design an web app in a dynamic manner. AngularJS is an open source web application structural framework for dynamic internet apps. It lets to use markup language as template language and allows to extend HTML’s syntax to precise application’s components compactly and clearly. AngularJS dependency injection and data binding eliminate abundant of the code which otherwise needs to write. The angular plugin adds additional functionality to an angular application. In this article, we have the list of Best AngularJS plugins that will help to makes application clean and easy to maintain

Top 5 Best AngularJS Plugins  

Angular Auto Validate

Angularjs application frequently deals with form like contact form, signup form, login form, etc.  If any individual is worrying about validation of input by the user, then Angular Auto Validate plugin is like life rescuer. This plugin gets rid of excess HTML and also reduces the worry about placing error messages in HTML or using any angular expressions to hide or show them.


Angucomplete is the best plugin to deal with the problem associated with autocomplete textbox. This plugin helps to swiftly add auto-complete boxes (for remote or local JSON data) to pages without depending on other libraries.  It’s emphatically minimal looking so it can easily customize just with a few lines of CSS.

Angular Grid

Angular Grid is the most popular plugin compared to the other because of its important feature like faster, more stable and better written. If an angular application uses the framework to represent data to the client, then this AngularJS plugin is the best plugin to be considered.


Ng-sweet-alert plugins will mostly deal with the altered box. If the developer wants to make the alert box more user-friendly and interactive, then this plugin is ideally made for this purpose. The main advantage of this plugin is this does not require any JavaScript code. Only a few HTML attributes are sufficient to use amazing alert.


AngularJS-Toaster is the best plugin to deal with real time application. If angular application deals with real time application that requires often updates to the users, then this plugin provides an efficient way to deal with notification. It requires angular-animate and AngularJS v1.2.6 or higher for the CSS3 transformations.

Best angular js plugins are listed above. To enjoy its benefits it is always better to choose the best angular development company who provides effective angular development services at pocket-friendly prices.

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