Node js

What is Node.js ?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine for easily building fast and flexible network applications. JavaScript primarily was used for client-side scripting, whereas a Node.js enables server-side scripting in JavaScript. Node.js uses a non-blocking I/O, an event – driven model that makes it swift.and efficient. Node.js package npm, ecosystem is considered to be the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the global.

Node.js  has proved to be an extensive landmark in IT market and developers have got a speedy move towards huge performance gains. There are many reasons that suggest the developers to use Node.js for web application development. Starting with its multi-user, real-time web applications and ending with its proficiency speed. Some benefits of node.js in web applications development are listed below.

Benefits of Node.js in Web Applications Development

It is fast and community friendly

Node.js uses V8 engine by Google, which is being written in JavaScript and has a remarkable running speed. Other important benefits of Node.js are running speed of the code much faster, which in turn increase speed of any framework’s. Besides its core competencies, Node.js consists of a prosperous, open source community that has dispatched many great modules, making the Node.js applications successful.

Node.js encourages data Streaming

The HTTP request and response are considered two separate events in web platform, but they are actually data streams. This factor can be applied to its fullest with the Node.js to create some of the best aspects at the time of uploading time or processing files. This can reduce the comprehensive processing duration. The same can also be utilized at the time of real-time audio or video recording.

Node.js encourages sharing

Node.js promotes sharing with the presence of the (NPM) Node Package Manager. Node.js is the storehouse of 50,000 packages, which helps developers to create impressive solutions. with the inbuilt NPM, developers can easily update, share or reuse codes. Therefore, it can be stated that Node. j’s package manager is powerful and a steady solution for developers.

Easy and effective single codebase

Node.js  allows developers to write JavaScript for both the server and client-side coding. Thus making it efficient to send and synchronize data between the server and the client automatically and simultaneously which helps the developers to save time. Node.js is a game-changing technology and despite its many of the benefits, Node.js efficiency is still in its growing phase. The gaining popularity of this platform could set a new benchmark in web development business.

Node fits in  real-time applications

Node.js is can build real-time web applications at a high speed. The extraordinary features suits in web developing real-time applications such as chats and gaming apps. The event-driven architecture furnishes both the server-side and client-side when the code is written in Nodejs.The websocket protocol works with TCP, which handles the multi-user function and prevents the overhead of HTTP for web development. Some of the outstanding platforms such as eBay, LinkedIn, PayPal, etc. have all been developed using Node.js.

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