Contact Form 7 confirm email field

Contact Form 7 Confirm Email Field Plugin

We are pleased to announce to the friends and supporters of Omkarsoft Company the release of  a  New WordPress Plugin  Developed by Vallabh Vyas, Senior Developer

This “Contact Form 7 confirm email field” plugin extends the “Contact Form 7” plugin to verify email address which is entered second time. Confirm email field for Contact Form 7 add the double check email field to your form and verify email match with the CF7 Ajax validation.

Double Email Check

This plugin adds a new field in Contact Form 7 called “confirm_email” that allow to do a double email check while submitting the form. The new field will ask users to confirm their email by typing it into the second field.

If you want to do this in your form, you only have to add the “confirm_email” field into the CF7 form and enter the email field name you want to check. The validation is done by the CF7 Ajax-powered style: when submitting form CF7 will do the double email check, if not match returns error and ask to users to verify the email addresses.

The plugin can be downloaded easily from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

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