New Promising and Exhilarating Trends That Will Leave Significant Marks In 2018

The evolution of web development sometimes will happen for good and sometimes happens for bad. The Web development has continued its evolution since its inception in the early days. The new concepts are brought every new year. It also brings new advancements, new trends. The major lesson that must be learned by the evolution of web development is that one needs to embrace the changes with both hands, instead of letting them go. Everyone is looking forward to a vibrant development in all kinds of web technologies. The year 2018 is considered to be a transforming year for everyone. The Web applications over these years have been switching to a moderate reform approach and now it seems to be very standardized. The year has gone and it was very volatile in terms of web development because there are lots of new trends which were rolled out and have added personalization to the website visitors. The year 2017 saw the birth of many web technologies for developing user-centered websites. Whereas, the year 2018 will be witnessing different trends and technologies which gain worldwide popularity. there are a lot of strives to become a revolutionary year in terms of web development.

The Various Trends That Need To Be Followed In Web Development

I. Progressive web applications

Progressive web applications work with mobile interfaces and grasp the feature of internet browsers. Such an approach has many advantages. They include offline activity, minimum load time with most information preserved on the phone’s cache memory, higher reliability and receiving of notifications. we can see increasing adoption of progressive web applications in the year 2018 because they are the most faster and easier to develop than mobile applications.

II. One-page websites

Different sites have come up with one long page navigating which means that it can be done by simply scrolling up and down and using the links to move to a particular section. With this simplicity, there will be no chances of having lots of small parts to navigate or the multiple numbers of menus to tour on. This kind of websites tends to rule in 2018 because it goes well with both desktops or smartphones which offers the easiest navigation and is also inexpensive to develop.

III. UI Motion

Interfaces are always a prior concern for web application developers. If the users don’t find what they want then it is pointless in having a great design or a cool website. User Interfaces will always help the web developers to use animations, graphics or any kind of illustrative translations that will show them certain actions or gestures using which they can navigate to another page. Interfaces in motion have opened the door for widespread customization on web applications. It is done by offering the developer with many options to make them engaging and functional.

IV. Implications of Split Screen layouts

The concept of Split Screen layouts has surfaced recently in the sphere of web development. It empowers developers to add vibrant backgrounds, split layouts with contrasting colors and precise distribution of elements. The year 2018 is looking forward to more implications of split screens because they give an impression of the existence of backgrounds beyond the edge of desktop or mobile screen too which is quite real.

V. Chatbots

To remain connected with the users or the visitors the chatbots are gaining momentum in web applications it will be the prior aim to introduce it in the web applications. It comes as a text or voice chat integration/software. It enables the web application to stay connected with its visitors 24×7. Thus, the evolution of chatbots provided them great opportunities. It answers different queries and confusions of the customers and also redirect them to a particular page or aid them if something goes wrong during transactions.

The list covered above may not be exhaustive but sometimes it is apt which sum up the various web development trends that are expected to rule. Other trends such as the web push notifications, incorporation of Augmented & Virtual Reality, increased security, and the internet of things also called IOT would also be on the rise. These trends would take the front seat, driving the web development industry in the year ahead. You can take services from our company to outsource and maximize your gains in 2018 in a cost-effective manner.

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