Magento is an Enterprise class E-commerce software. It is owned by Many of the powerful E-commerce sites run on Magento. Magento is known as the leader in eCommerce shopping cart solutions. They provide a huge variety of features, tools and customization. Magento provides better SEO benefits than any other shopping cart on the market with targeted promotion and merchandising. They also allow for multiple payment and shipping option. Many large businesses trust their shopping cart needs to Magento.

 Why Magento is suitable for your E-commerce site

Magento platform comes packed with loads of user-friendly features. Besides supporting multiple website, Magento also lends support to online stores in promoting their inventory in diverse domains. Magento being designed to be a configuration based MVC system (along with a range of extensions) helps to make your website highly scalable.Magento e-commerce platform features a powerful SEO, marketing and catalogue management tools so as to fulfil exclusive business requirements of merchants.

Magento has divergent features for attaining growth out of which the following one makes Magento an undeniable choice for eCommerce:

a) Analytics and Reporting

b) 24/7 Support

c) Catalog Management

d) Order Management

e) Shipping

f) Checkout

g) It is scalable

f) Flexible DesignMagento Development

What Do You Get With Magento?

Magento provides plenty of features and it’s an open-source eCommerce solution with all kinds of flexibility. You’re the one in control with this eCommerce solution and you can change the look, content and how it functions. The way Magento is set up makes it easy to use it for search engine optimization and you can even use it as a catalog-management tool.

Magento is widely regarded as one of the best ecommerce solutions available to businesses today. Not only is the application free to use, but also it comes with a wealth of innovative and effective features. From marketing tools, to international support, to site management – you have everything you need to create a successful e-store that generates a high level of sales

Magento gives users all kinds of modules, features and extensions. Many have praised the technical sport and some have even called it the best in the business. It’s suited for professional online stores and works great for anybody trying to run a fully online or partially online business. if you’re knowledgeable of technology and web design, you will find Magento a better fit. Magento has 15 versions Magento provides only 1,500 plugins and extensions. Magento has more out-of-the-box features than PrestaShop. Magento doesn’t have the compatibility issues. Magento comes with a technical support team and a large community of developers, Magento provides more themes for the user Magento has SEO features not found in any other eCommerce solution.

 How is Magento different from other E-commerce platform like Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart

Magento is the only open source e-commerce web application that allows you to get e-commerce website with your desired features and benefits. Magento  provides  innovative features like mobile templates, shopper filtering and multi-store and multi-site functionality among others. Magento also uses unique layout file for users to control the things displayed on their window. It allows you to update your ecommerce website automatically, which is not available in other e-commerce platforms.

The main advantages of OScommerce and Joomla/Virtuemart, as well as a number of smaller eCommerce products, over Magento shopping cart, are their quick and easy installation. Custom design and skinning can also be done faster, so you can have a quick start-up for your business. Basically, these shopping carts have fewer files and/or programming settings, so they are easier and faster for a professional store developer to work with.

 But you are a website owner, not a programmer. What you need are features, options, and convenient control. And these carts are lacking it for the most parts. Their control panels are bulky and not intuitive, they lack plug-ins, are less secure, and not search-engine-friendly. Some of these eCommerce products are still in use today but they are quickly getting obsolete (if not there already). Another major issue with smaller and older online store products is lack of upgrades. These platforms are no longer being actively developed, so no upgrades are available. Incidentally, if you still operate one and need maintenance help or would like to migrate to Magento or another advanced platform,  is  here to help.

Some of the must have extensions for Magento

Mentioned below are a few of the most useful Magento extensions which cannot be ignored and must be used to make Magento an even better eCommerce platform for setting up your store.

a) Magentix-The Magento Recycle Bin:


c) Google Content API for Shopping :

d) Mouse over Zoom :

e) Exploded Menu :

f) Follow Up Email:

g) Magento Live Chat:

h) Magento WebForms:

i) Magento C3 Invoice Improver  :

j) Daily Deals:

k)  Mega Menu for responsive Magento themes:

Who Should Choose Magento?

Magento is perfect for those looking for full control over the customization of their online store. Larger businesses or those planning to grow quickly will find the features of Magento a better fit .

 Magento Facts & Figures

a) Magento was launched in 2008 and since then it has been downloaded more than 5+ million times.

b) 1 of every 4 online businesses choose Magento

c) $25 billion+ in transaction volume each year

d) Software


Comparing Magento vs. Prestashop

Making the decision between PrestaShop vs Magento isn’t easy. These are both great eCommerce solutions. PrestaShop targets the small to medium sized business, while Magento caters to the medium to large business. Whether you’re taking your business online for the first time or migrating from another eCommerce solution, both of these programs provide an excellent solution. If you’re technologically challenged and you plan to do the work yourself, PrestaShop is the better choice. However, if you’re knowledgeable of technology and web design, you will find Magento a better fit. Customizing your shopping cart is easier with PrestaShop, but you don’t get the same control as you do with Magento.

Social Communication

Magento kills PrestaShop in the Twitter world with three times as many followers. Magento is searched for more on Google than PrestaShop.  Magento offers more SEO benefits and more features, overall.

 Top companies using Magento

1) Samsung  (Website:

2) Fox Connect  (Website:

3) Olympus  (Website:

4) Men’s Health (Website:

5) Nike (Website:

 Different versions of Magento and what do they mean

Magento comes in 3 versions..

1) Magento Enterprise: This elite version of Magento is ideal for “Big players” whose annual generating revenue would be ranging from $10 Million to $70 Million.

2) Magento Go:  This version of Magento ecommerce is used by all kinds of micro to small sized business (vendor’s internet-hosted SaaS), generating annual revenue of $5 million to $10 million.

3) Magento Community: This free community edition from Magento is for beginners who would love to explore in the world of ecommerce.

What can do in Magento started developing in Magento as soon as it was released. We can develop any E-commerce site in Magento and also Magento extensions.

 Our top 5 Magento examples

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