Loravel PHP Framework

Why choose laravel?

Larval is an outstanding member of a new generation of web frameworks. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell back in 2011. It is an open-source, free, PHP web framework, designed for the development of web applications succeeding the MVC  pattern. On March 2015, Laravel is witnessed as one of the most popular PHP frameworks, along with CodeIgniter, symphony and other frameworks. Laravel is accessible, powerful, compelling tools needed for enormous, robust applications. And also aims to make the development process a delightful one for the developer without losing application. Larval is considered to be a best PHP framework some of the important benefits of laravel are listed below.

Some of the features of Laravel are:

  • Modular packaging system with a committed dependency manager
  • Different ways for gaining relational databases,
  • Routing services that aid in application deployment and maintenance easier
  • Authentication by providing a smooth & simple to use interface and many more.

5 Benefits of Laravel Framework in Application Development

Template engine and Libraries

Larval framework has inbuilt lightweight templates, which helps the developer to create outstanding layouts with dynamic content seeding. Pre-installed libraries and object Oriented libraries in laravel are not found in any other PHP frameworks. Authentication library is one of the popular pre installed library and it is  easy to implement. Authentication library as additional advanced features, such as Bcrypt hashing, password reset, protection, and encryption.

Separation of code

Larval separation enables Html Layout Designers to alter the webpage appearance easily without interacting with the developers. If all programming code of the web application has the appropriate separation at the early stage of the development. Than bug fixes and feature requests can be made at the faster rate by the developer. This drawback of other framework can be overcome in larval Separation Code feature.

Modular and MVC Architecture Support

Larval framework is built on 20 different libraries. Which imitates modern PHP principles and allows developers to build responsive, modular and convenient web apps. MVC pattern Architecture in larval ensures clarity between logic and presentation. This architecture helps in elaborating the performance, allows improved documentation, and has numerous built-in functions.

Migration system for databases

Migration in laravel helps to develop the database structure of the application without re-creating it, whenever changes are made. This feature reduces the chances of losing development data. Laravel Migration provides the facility to change the structure of the database and allows the developer to use PHP code instead of SQL. Schema Builder allows us to create database tables and indices quickly. One important benefit of laravel is it helps to control databases.


One of the important benefits of Laravel is it facilitates Unit testing. It runs hundreds of tests to ensure that new changes don’t unexpectedly break an application. Larval is significantly considered to be the most stable releases in the industry as and less know for failures.

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