Lamp Development Lamp development is concerned with building a viable web server that facilitates web operations in a flawless manner. LAMP is basically a combination of free open source platforms used for creating a high performance web application which is supported by almost every web browser. It includes a webserver, database and scripting language. LAMP constitutes a very popular open source solution stack. It combines Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP and forms a powerful, secure, and flexible application server. The Lamp development platform may vary, depending upon the web programming language or operating system, used in it.

What Makes LAMP the Best Choice for Dynamic Web Development?

  • Options to Build Platform-Independent Web Applications
  • Easy to Write Bug-Free Code
  • Easy to Deploy the Web Application
  • Build Applications Locally

Our services for LAMP Development

Omkarsoft specializes in LAMP Development, and we provides a complete PHP, MySQL and Apache development environment for Linux that can be launched in one click. We have a dedicated team of qualified, trained, and expert Developers who are experienced in developing commercial software applications to meet the business and technical requirements of a project. Omkarsoft, through its base of LAMP development, has successfully implemented simple and complex projects, for both domestic and global clients. Our expertise in LAMP Technologies includes Linux-based development, Apache Development, MYSQL Development, PHP Application Development and Perl Development.

Our Area of Expertise in Lamp Development

  • Customized PHP web application development through Lamp platform
  • Dynamic website and Rich Internet Application
  • Community portals
  • E-commerce websites
  • Enterprise applications
  • CMS development
  • LAMP application porting and migration
  • E-commerce website and Catalogue Development Solutions
  • XML based web application and websites

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