Joomla! is a great CMS that is used worldwide. For this reason, hackers often try to find a way to hack a Joomla! website. Security is an ever growing concern for website owners, especially websites that use Content Management Systems such as Joomla. Joomla is use to build dynamic websites and robust web applications. With a proficient ways of modern hacking trends, Joomla! has many open doors for hackers to paste their malicious codes, to put a bad things into your websites, without your knowledge.

 Joomla Site HackedWhy Joomla website get Hacked?

  • If website has very old extensions installed
  • Using an older version of Joomla
  • Incorrect Joomla permissions
    • write permissions on .htacess file
    • write permissions on *.php files
  • Allowing users to upload scripts
  • Giving execute permissions on public directories
  • Using non-prominent extensions
  • Giving credentials to untrusted developers
  • Giving all the possible permissions to the database user
  • Feeling confident that your website cannot get hacked or that no one would hack your website
  • Using weak login details
  • not used better security plugin/module

How To Know That Your Joomla Site Has Been Hacked?

  1. When you are opening your website it is redirecting (immediately or after a short length of time) to another URL.Then it is possibility that you website is hacked.
  2. When you are searching in google your website disappears.
  3. In your website some unwanted ads are displaying without your knowledge.
  4. Speed is becoming slow day by day.
  5. Your emails start bouncing.

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