Websites can get hacked in a variety of ways. First thing is putting hacking code in your plugins which are not having proper security concerns. Second thing is Bypassing your codes and putting hacked codes in your pages.

Joomla Hacked by Ulow
There are many reasons as to how hackers get access to your website files and / or database:

  1. Hackers can get access to your hosting username and password if they are weak. Make your username and password as complicated as possible, but also make a hard copy of it somewhere in case you forget it.
  2. Hacker can get your credential while loading pages to server if you are not using proper way.
  3. Sending your username and password via email and other electronic methods via Internet can mean hackers can intercept these details and get access to your site.

How to fix problem?

  1. Clean up all affected folders and files on the server.
  2. Change your passwords.
  3. Consider deleting everything.
  4. Update your modules and extensions.

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