At Joomla + Virtuemart (ecommerce component) is widely used for Web Development. Joomla provides a very good and powerful framework to develop any Web Application. Any kind of Website or Web application can be

Why Joomla

This  is only one award-winning content management system used by millions around the world, including some of the most respected corporations, that meets all of these needs:Joomla.While most content management systems use the same basic building blocks–php, databases and javascript–we have chosen to use Joomla! for our projects for a variety of reasons, but most importantly: it has been our experience that the projects we did with Joomla! went better and worked out more favorably for our clients in the long-run.

What is possible with Joomla

We can create complex websites easily by Joomla.With Joomla you can edit your website on the go Joomla offers variety of extension where you can edit your website on phone with this feature you can manage your website right from your mobile phone.

 Joomla Advantages and Dis-advantages


  • Open source- The best advantage of using the Joomla CMS is that it is an open source platform and is available for free

  • Trouble-free Migration -If you have your website in Joomla you can migrate to any other server with ease.

  • Customer Support- Joomla CMS is run by a vast community and if you are facing any technical problem in maintaining your website in Joomla you can submit a report or a bug and your problem will be fixed in real time b the experienced and large community of Joomla.

  • Multipurpose Use-You can use Joomla CMS development for various purposes. You can develop small websites for small business owners. You can develop Joomla websites for large corporate use and Joomla CMS development gives you plenty of functions and features to combat the situation. It can also use for government applications and organizational websites. You can use Joomla CMS development for personal websites, community portal as well as online publications like magazines and news papers.

  • Plug-ins and extensions are the core features in Joomla CMS. It increases the performance of the website to greater extent.


  • One major drawback that Joomla user experience is that some of its plug-ins works with only some particular scripts.

  • The learning curve is larger as compared to other open source platforms.

  • You can’t deduct Joomla! from your taxes.

  • Customization is limited.

  • It is heavy for simple and small websites.

  • Many pulg-ins and extensions are not free.

 How does Joomla compare to WordPress

Joomla and WordPress are the 2 most popular CMS in this world and are rivals. They are like Android and iPhones. In terms of CMS Joomla comes only 2nd to wordpress in terms of popularity.

Joomla Vs WordPress






Established 2005

Established  2003

wordpress is older than joomla

Joomla is better for bigger and more complex sites

WordPress is good for not so complex sites

Joomla is tough to understand

WordPress is simpler

What can do in Joomla

a) Joomla website design & Development

b) Component development

c) Module Development

d) Template Development

e) Plugin Development

f) PSD or any image to Joomla or port sites in other technology to Joomla CMS

g) Responsive or mobile friendly site in joomla

h) Migration of older version of Joomla sites to latest version of Joomla

g) Maintenance of Joomla sites.

What kind of sites can be development using Joomla

Joomla is very powerful CMS and any kind of site can be developed using it. We need to customize Joomla as per our needs.

    Business Directory Development       Community or Regional Website

    Social Networking Website          Hotels & Restaurants Website

    Job & Recruitment Website          Custom Web Application


    Joomla Site Development     Joomla Custom Website Development

    Joomla Portal Development     Joomla Application Development

    Joomla Plugin/Extension/Components development    Joomla Ecommerce Website


Big Organizations using Joomla  ⇒ Peugeot Uses Joomla ⇒ MTV Greece uses Joomla ⇒  Barnes & Noble is the largest book retailer in the United States uses Joomla ⇒ Harvard University uses Joomla (Joomla 2.5, K2 Component, Customized template)  ⇒ Government of Greece uses Joomla ⇒ One of the top city portal developed in Joomla

Joomla Facts & Figures

Joomla Development

1) 200k Joomla download per day

2) 10,000+ joomla extensions available which can give any functionality to Joomla. Visit this site to check the extensions

3) Over 1.0 million registered user in Joomla Community forum

4) Joomla is localized in over 100 languages

5) Around 10% market share in all CMSs.

6) Over 15,000 themes available for Joomla


Top Joomla ExtensionsJoomla Development


K2 Component



Joomla Backend Explained


Reviews we got for our Joomla work


Some of our top Joomla work


2) ⇒ developed this Shipping component for Joomla+Virtuemart and it sells like hot cake.


How to secure Joomla sites

With Joomla we can easily secure our websites from hackers by using these tips..

1)Change the default database prefix (jos_)

2)BackUp Your Databases Regularly

3)Use Strong Login Details

4)Keep Joomla! and extensions up to date

5)Use the correct CHMOD for each folder and file

6)Use Proper File Permissions & Ownership

New Features in Joomla 3.2

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Testimonial for Joomla work:

Kirsty Spraggon, International Speaker

“I have worked with Omkarsoft for over 5 years and his been fantastic from small jobs on my blog up to bigger SEO projects. They are someone I trust and are always super fast and reliable. Great for work you may need to outsource remotely or to use as a virtual assistant.

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