CSS Tricks for Better SEO

The internal coding and visual appearance of a website play an important role in Search Engine Optimization. HTML received an add-on in form of CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. This is a new technique for website XHTML and CSS coding that enables alteration of visual presentation of web pages without actually using HTML or XHTML. Add to it the advantage of JavaScript to in and Bingo! You get a perfect tool to play with the search engine crawlers and make them get you great search engine rankings. In the stone age of search engines (around 1998), a number of web promoters tricked the crawlers by adding hidden text to the web pages. This hidden text carried nothing but an incorrigible list of keywords and phrases in varying combinations, repeated over and over again. However, CSS added a twist to this old tale. It enables you to add hidden text to the web page without getting you in the bad books of the crawlers. Another CSS trick is making links vanish. Link popularity is an important criterion in search engine ranking. However, you may not want your customers to be redirected to the website of a potential competitor. CSS gives you the option of keeping these links hidden from the eyes of human visitors. It takes advantage of crawlers’ inability to see what comes up on screen.

Develop an SEO Friendly Website Design

1. Be Careful with Flash Elements

They do play an important role in SEO. Thus, you should be more careful with the flash elements. Using the too much flash on the site, can’t only be the distracting part for the visitors. But it can also affect the website’s search engine ranking. If you use the flash elements on the website, then it will be more tough for the search engines to rank your website. Often, this is because flash is often ignored or devalued by the search engines. Means that it won’t add anything to the Website’s SEO. However, If you are going to use the flash on your website’s post. Then make sure that you do this sparingly. Well, by making the website design more search engine optimization friendly. You can increase your business or company visibility.

2. Make sure your Design is Accessible

The design is the best part of SEO and making it accessible will increase your site visibility. However, If your site isn’t fully accessible. Then it will affect your conversion rate and your search engine ranking. Consequently, looking at this, your site must be viewable to all the visitors. Often, If your site loads slow, or it’s difficult to navigate. Then it will likely lead to rank low in the search engines. Hence, make sure that your site looks correct on all web browsers, it loads completely, and you don’t use any types of images that load slowly. Often, if you use the images then compress before adding them to site.

3. Responsive Web Design

The number of the users accessing the internet using the mobiles phones and the tablets are more than that of a desktop user. Therefore, you must make your site responsive and accessible on the mobiles phones and tablets. Thus, If your site is having a responsive web design, it may be easily accessed from any types of device. Moreover, Google gives better search ranks to the mobile-friendly sites. For this, you need not develop the separate dedicated sites. However, develop a responsive template tag and use it on your website. Somehow, It will be automatically reshaped and re-sized according to the size of the screen. Joomla, WordPress and other powerful CMS (Content Management Systems). Which you can use to design your website without having any types of programming knowledge. For that you may download, lots of the responsive themes, templates, and many more things available on the internet for free. If you want to use your own template or theme on the website. Then you can use the theme, template generator for this. A template can be simply generated by using the generator software. For that, you just have to drag and drop the elements which you wish to add in the template files.

4. Optimized Images

Using the Infographics and Images is the amazing way to enhance the visual appearance of your website. However, this leads to the engagement along with visitors. The text you are using in the infographics should include the important keyword. Well, you may have seen lots of sites having the slide-show on the home page. Each image in slide consists of the text which is added while designing the theme. That text can make Search Engine Optimization friendly by adding the keywords to it. Often, by naming the images as abc.png, bbc1.jpg etc. However, by doing this you are stopping the search engine from searching the images. If you are running the online jewelry store then the name of the image of a necklace should be like diamond necklace.jpg. This improves the visibility of that image when anyone searches for the diamond necklace. Making proper use of the HTML attributes to the images and creating captions for images can optimize the images. Moreover, the appropriate number of images should be used as it affects the website loading time.

5. Text-Based Navigation System

Users and the search engines use the navigation system to visit the different parts of the website. Therefore, it should be planned and designed by keeping the SEO tips in mind. Often, make it text based so that the search engines can read it easily. It’s most important to use the search engine friendly technology, even when you are using the drop downs. Website designers are very aware of the Search Engine Optimization. However, we recommend CSS to create menus despite using JavaScript and the Flash-based menu system. However, when it comes to optimization, the link deeps up to three levels which is not advantageous. The another best thing you can do is use the keyword in the URL.

6. Integrate the Social Media into your Website’s Design

The most important element of the search engine is “Social media.” However, the search engine provides the value to social media. As do, you provide value to your prospective client and customers. Incorporating the social media elements into the web design will help to rank better on search engines. Hence, while designing your site, make sure you use social media icons. And for all your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This will not only rank your website more highly among the search engines, but it will also show the potential customers that your company is personable.

7. Use JavaScript Sparingly

Lots of the website make a mistake of using the javascript for their whole website design. Search Engine crawl through sites to index them. And determine their search ranking in results. However, If your website features a great deal of the javascript. Then the search engine will struggle to the read your site. And it will cause the crawling issues. In addition, javascript does not work particularly well on the mobile devices. Hence, you wish to make it simple and easy for the search engine to read your website as quickly as possible.

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