JavaScript is said to be an open source stance which can be considered to be one of the best. JavaScript is not a project, but it is a specification with an open standard where the language is evolved and maintained by its core team. Another fancy name for javascript is ECMAScript.The javascript framework is considered to be an application framework which is written in javascript. The developer never calls a framework whereas the framework will call and use the code. It will differ from that of the javascript library in its flow of control where the library will offer different functions to be called by the parent code but a framework will define the entire design of the application.JavaScript frameworks will follow the MVC or the Model-View-Controller paradigm which is designed to separate a web application into specific units to improve the quality of the code and maintenance. Some of the examples are Ember.js, AngularJS etc.

Top 7 JavaScript frameworks


Angular.js uses javascript frameworks for developing single page applications. It is supported by Google and s an open source.Angular JS is commonly used for mobile application development. Angular JS framework supports dynamic functionality to the application by using the features such as sidebars, switches etc


The reason Backbone JS is one of the topmost web development frameworks for JavaScript is – It’s very easy to understand usability modules. Using traditional web development libraries Backbone creates single-page applications.These applications are developed with the aim that all server-side functions should flow through an API, reducing the amount of code or optimizing the code in order to achieve the same functionality of frameworks.


Facebook developers created React which came out in 2013.To work with React you should have the proper knowledge of HTML5, Javascript, and CSS.The view layer for web and mobile application is handled by React JS. Reusable UI components is created by React JS.


Embre JS was introduced in 2011. it is an open source JavaScript framework which was declared to be the best JavaScript framework for web application development in the year 2015. It could be a good solution for a startup or for a business looking to build complex web applications. Embre has a huge online community, regular updates and wide application of JavaScript that is meant to offer an engaging user experience.


Vue JS framework provides two-way data binding, server-side rendering, Vue-CLI and optional JSX support. It is one the fastest growing frameworks to date and is a preferable choice for quick cross-platform solutions.


Aurelia.js is a self-proclaimed web development framework, which makes the process of site development a very creative process. It is designed with the latest JS standard, ES6, and has the ability to function on all different modern browsers. It is designed on a module-like framework, which has various small and huge libraries that can be used either in combination or individually, depending upon the kind of application being designed.


Meteor.js comes with a variety of features for the backend, frontend development, and database management. It is ranked to be the best and popular JavaScript frameworks. This framework has grown in terms of performance, UI design, etc since its inception in the year 2012. The phases of SDLC or the software development cycle are covered by Meteor.js. It also takes care of the glooming processes as linking, files concatenation and so on. It is used in real-time application development for business companies.

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