Choosing The Right CMS For Your Professional Website

A content management system or CMS is an application that allows you to create and run your website. There will be an admin panel which can be called as an interface where you can create and update pages, posts and other types of content like images, videos, etc and arrange the content the way you need. The design of the site can be changed through the admin panel by installing themes which are nothing but the design templates and changing them when you want. All the actions are done simply by clicking buttons. In most cases Therefore you will not have to write codes or scripts. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are said to be the leaders in CMS world. They are not only free but they are also open source CMS engines. It means that their source code is open to the public. You can use, edit and customize the core files of the engine on your site and if you discovered a great way to improve the platform, you can pitch it to the developers and help to make their engine even cooler in the next update.

Why Should You Use a CMS And What Tools, Features You Need

The reason why a CMS system should be chosen is, it offers a more user-friendly interface to easily add, create, or modify existing content. You can not only edit and add content to your site but also you can also use a CMS to add useful plugins to your front end or back end. Most of the open source content management systems offer a marketplace for their compatible plugins that users can search and install easily. When you’re choosing an open source content management system, it’s very important that you figure out what features and tools you will need from the content management system. Ensuring that you choose the right solution from the beginning will help increase productivity and give you the tools you need. You should start by trying to figure out what you will be using the website for, whether the site is going to be a Blog, eCommerce site, or any other kind of Informative website or maybe even all of these. Each content management system will have their advantages and disadvantages and some are better for certain types of sites. One of the most important steps when choosing your CMS is that researching and finding out what features and tools you will need. Taking the time and doing proper research will give you a better idea of which CMS is the best suite for you and prevent expensive development costs in the future.

Which CMS Should Be Chosen?


WordPress which is an open source CMS powers over half of the world’s CMS sites. With each new update release, it is getting more comprehensive, intuitive and popular. It has a very committed community with a lot of free extensions and is more than any other CMS and the easiest-to-use interface. Managing your content with WordPress is perfectly simple. You create a page, add it to the menu, post something on it and see your content on the front-end of your site. So why do so many people choose WordPress for their site is because WordPress is the easiest CMS to use and it can be installed for free.


Though Joomla is found to be the perfect balance between customization possibilities and user-friendliness yet it’s much more complex than WordPress. It takes a lot of time to get used to modify if you have never worked with this engine. For the beginners, the tasks like positioning modules on different pages, assigning plugins to modules, configuring layouts and other necessary manipulations can be a little harsh. The Joomla developers have come up with any solutions for some web design problems which are hard to resolve.


Drupal is called the summit of the CMS platforms. Anything can be done with Drupal. It is one of the popular and powerful open source content management system which was first released in 2001. It is currently used by 2.1% of all websites worldwide. It also has a lot of free community add-ons and modules that you can use with your Drupal installation. Drupal also has a very large online community where you can use to ask technical questions and also support questions or Drupal related questions.

The most important thing to consider while choosing a CMS platform is that how much time you are prepared to spend developing and maintaining it. If you are experienced in basic HTML and PHP coding and are planning to create a big online project with lots of contributors involved, you should probably go with Drupal. If your aim is at the middle-sized social network or news site, then try Joomla. WordPress with all its enhancement will be perfect for the beginners. A very simple WordPress based site can later be evolved into any kind of site you want it to be.

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