Compared to the last decade the number of a mobile phone is increasing hugely. Mobile covers four-hundredth of all e-commerce transactions worldwide, and it’s right to believe that this figure may grow to over five hundredths in coming years. Mobile apps play a significant role in boosting the e-commerce business worldwide. With the tremendous changes in the mobile world, the evolution and scope of e-commerce mobile app development have boomed in every industry. One of the most interesting facts is that the consumer these days prefers the mobile app over the website. Let’s see the some of the important e-commerce mobile app features below.

Top 5 e-commerce Mobile App Features

Promote Customization

Any e-commerce business faces a leading challenge in providing a magnificent user experience to customers. When any individual downloads the mobile app, they always look for smooth personalization, navigation, and a hassle-free experience. For the success of any business, it is very important for enriching user experience. Hence mobile app must include key customizable features that adjust to user preferences and needs.

Huge expansion in AR and VR shopping

AR and VR will leverage e-commerce business by providing the most effective mediums for shopping that will amazingly boost user engagements. Earlier the scope of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality was constrained to the gaming world. Currently, there are Numerous virtual reality stores from where customer choose their favorite product with full real-life experience simply by sitting at home.

Push Notifications

Some of the foremost flourishing e-commerce mobile apps are those that have incorporated push notifications into their list of features. A push notification is a message that appears on a mobile device suddenly. Push notifications tend to provoke immediate action, thus, new product launches, exclusive promotions, and special offers do great with this feature.

Simple Registration

Most of the customers are allergic to fill the long registration forms. Top e-commerce site such as always keeps the things simple by providing simple registration – sign up with a mobile number or email id. So It is very important to maintain simple registration process as possible with minimum required fields. Sometimes, unnecessary advertisements & promotions also leave a negative impact.


The core objective of any business is to earn revenues. The analytics is one important feature that e-commerce app should have. Understanding buying pattern and user behavior on e-commerce app are very important. Click-through rate, Session time, accessing custom fields and cost of conversion all provide utmost data about consumer behavior, leading to higher revenue streams.

In current trend e-commerce sector is blooming at a larger pace. It’s better for a business owner to contact the best e-commerce development company for fulfilling all the development requirement accordingly. Above mentioned are main e-commerce mobile app features. Excluding these, there are numerously other features which make the app successful.

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