Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce

A plugin is a piece of software that helps to add or extend the functionality of WordPress website. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP language to integrate smoothly and it is the most utility components for using the versatility of different platform. In order to obtain ideal eCommerce store, a web developer may need to use many plugins.

Different WordPress plug-in for ECommerce Stores


It is the most versatile and popular plug-ins. The important features of the plugin are fully customizable, mobile friendliness, integration with PayPal gateway, allows selling anything and anywhere and compatibility with Google analytics. It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce is popular WordPress plugins which offer exclusive compatibility with HTML and CSS customization’s. Besides wide suitability, seamless integration and mobile friendliness the WordPress  plugins and themes can be integrated with other popular WordPress plugins.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is another popular WordPress plugin; it is light in weight, perfectly suitable for selling digital goods and user-friendly and other features are affluent to extensive payment gateways, mobile friendliness, a scope of customization of the design using CSS and availability of add to create preferences for mainfold download

E-Commerce Product Catalog

E-Commerce Product Catalog by implicit offers unique features like product search widget, facility by implementing the customizable design, drag and drop functionality and lightbox on the product image etc.

Shopify E-Commerce Plugin

The Shopify e-Commerce plugin is potentially useful, simple and has gained quite popularity recently, The notable features are compatible with PayPal, Shopify payment process, SSL encryption and safe checkout and also product info can be edited and allows additional facilities like receipts, labels, packing slips and printing invoices etc.

The vast majority of plugins are free, it is important to select the best plug-in to install on E-Commerce  site. Although there are plugins that have higher quality than others. In order to choose the right ones, you should ask yourself a couple questions What type of rating does it have? Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress? and How long has it been since it was updated? Etc. There is a false belief that WordPress plugins slow down site  but it is not true. Only the bad plugins installed will slow down the site so better choose the good ones

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