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Rapid Development in Android Mobile Applications

Android development is moving faster than a bullet train. The code keeps changing, for the good, the developers are getting more sophisticated and creative in their design and execution, and the Android platform is the dominant player.

Android has its frustrations and since it is open code, one app does not necessarily work as well as another app. However, let’s look at where Omkarsoft thinks the industry is going in 2015 and how it will impact our world.

The trends we see are in no particular order or importance, just some of what we think will be popular this year.

People are demanding mobile access and they are demanding it quickly. Companies are stretched thin with the resources and ability to meet aggressive mobile application deadlines. How to reduce the development cycle? New tools and processes will continue to improve and make mobile development quicker to deliver.

The Cloud Will Be Ubiquitous

The cloud which is the data repository ‘in the sky’ has quickly become mainstream and will continue to become even more so this year. Because the mobile applications will need to be available anytime and anywhere, the only real optimal solution is to house the applications in the cloud. The Android application development software will be able to quickly identify the device that is asking for the information. The sheer amount of bandwidth needed to meet this high demand will make the cloud a must for almost every organization.

Expectations of Mobile App Security

Users are vulnerable to hacks and data integrity anytime they are on the Internet. It is not a question of whether an application is secure, it is a requirement. Failure to do so will not settle well with the users. If they have problems while using your mobile software, you may not get a second chance. In fact, depending on the type of data stored in the application, companies are liable for protecting the data of their users. A scary report by the Gartner Group estimates that, today, 75 percent of the applications we are using are not secure. We all know this must and will change.

Location-based Services

There are many Android applications, and mobile applications in general, that ask you to allow them access to your location information. While some people dislike this feature, OmkarSoft believes it will become a requirement. Apple has the lead on this technology, but Android is not far behind and we believe a solution is imminent. In addition, cellular data is becoming more expensive. For users to really utilize mobile as part of their everyday life, the Internet will become the preferred  infrastructure with cellular being integrated into the equation. Applications are going to be so ‘smart’ that they can interact with the user instantaneously – perhaps stopping you at a retail store to offer you a discount on an item you are browsing!

The Internet of Things

The adoption of the Internet of Things will evolve depending on the country and location. There is already a great adoption of wearable devices programmed for Android applications. At the moment, wearing a bracelet or a watch to compute sports, walking speed, calories burned during workouts etc. This technology will morph and is actually morphing in developed countries where devices monitor healthcare, allow you to put in a keyword and the nearest location of a restaurant, for example emerges. The Android Smartphone and its applications will open our door, make our coffee, and monitor our security systems. The future of this technology will only be restricted by the imagination.

This article only addresses a few of the trends OmkarSoft feels will be trending in 2015. Think about the possibilities as they are endless.

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