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ReactJS is a JavaScript library that mixes the speed of JavaScript and uses a brand new approach of rendering web pages, creating them extremely dynamic and tuned into user input. The product significantly modified the Facebook approach to development. After the library was released as an open-source tool in 2013, it became very standard because of its revolutionary approach to programming user interfaces. Although fresh on the market, React already includes a number of major players using React in production like Instagram and Facebook. Here are 5 React JS UI frameworks you can use to kick-start your initial web or mobile application using ReactJS.

Top React JS UI Frameworks

Material UI

Material-UI is a set of React elements that implement Google’s Material style. Out of the many UI frameworks in the current trend, Material UI is a framework that has the foremost refined implementation of the material design. The material design makes additional liberal use of responsive animations, padding, depth effects like lighting and shadows.


Bootstrap is one among the foremost advanced UI frameworks out there and possesses most of the items right. React-Bootstrap is a library of reusable front-end components. React-Bootstrap offer the quiet similar look-and-feel of Twitter Bootstrap significantly.


Elemental-UI is a high quality, modular set of UI platform components. This framework is motivated from numerous primary elements based UI libraries. If any individual wishes a distinctively looking UI not associated with BootStrap or sophisticated like semantic UI then this the correct one.


The grommet is the most advanced ux framework for enterprise application. It’s based on ReactJS which provides nice features in JavaScript for building user interfaces. Grommet is developed by the developers from HP(Hewlett Packard)

Semantic UI

Semantic is a UI framework that helps produce stunning, responsive layouts using hypertext markup language. While it has an excellent React support, it absolutely was not at first created on prime of it. because of this, it additionally provides support for AngularJS, Meteor, and Ember. Semantic UI is in stable 2.0 version. UI appearance fabulous, subjectively higher than BootStrap or Foundation UI.

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