Hybrid Mobile App Development

A few years ago using JavaScript to develop mobile apps was a generalized try. However, with the passage of time, this truth seemed to amaze most web developers. With technological advancement, mobile app developers need to learn new strategies which provide additional advanced applications that offer convenience to users. Technology has opened new doors for mobile app developers and introduced several frameworks that permit them to form single application for varied platforms. Such apps are referred to as hybrid applications as a result of they’re compatible with totally different mobile operating systems. The biggest reason for hybrid apps growth is that you simply write the hybrid mobile app once and run it on each platform without putting in any further efforts. Selecting the right framework is important for the development of the hybrid app. This blog explains 5 best hybrid frameworks that help to develop mobile apps as per the user requirement.

Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks


Ionic is considered as one of the most popular frameworks. Nowadays, it’s been the most preferred framework, being nearly the primitive choice for several developers. Ionic is open source and free to use furthermore, it conjointly offers a command line interface representing some impressive options, which can be additionally integrated. Recently, ionic folks upgraded the framework by adding out of the box support for the material style.

Framework 7

One of the most effective features of Framework 7 is that it doesn’t have any external need like React or Angular. Still, it manages to create apps feel and look native, with eye-catchy animations and properly styled parts. Besides being utterly framework skeptic, it manages to keep up the design and feel of native apps.

Kendo UI

Kendo UI is another framework for building eye catchy web app or mobile app with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. It depends mostly on jQuery and comes packed with 70+ ready to use jQuery widgets. Kendo UI conjointly packs inbuilt ready to use themes as well as themes that includes material design look and feel like Sencha. Kendo UI is also extremely popular among enterprises.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an HTML5 framework that uses Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to form interactive mobile apps. The most effective factor regarding Mobile Angular UI is it as all Bootstrap3 features that are unavailable in other frameworks i.e. overlays, sidebars, and switches. It utilizes fastclick.js and overthrow.js for sleek and higher mobile expertise.

JQuery Mobile

jQuery is the forefather of all mobile frameworks and it hardly tries to create apps similar to iOS and Androids. Instead, it focuses on developing apps that is equally good on all mobile browsers. The main focus of jQuery mobile is to empower developers to create web apps and mobile apps that run seamlessly on distinctive devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Some of the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks are listed above. If you are looking for hybrid mobile app development company, then selecting the good hybrid mobile app development services plays an important role in the company’s success. Choose the best hybrid mobile app development company and enjoy the popularity of the website.

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